Regardless of generation, we all love music!

KaraBest home use Karaoke system is not only for singing purposes, it means so much to us. We are not selling only Karaoke system but we are giving family their bonding time, we are building memories for family members, creating happiness when they staying together, enjoying music and singing songs.

Nowadays, most of the family members will focus on their smartphone during gathering rather than chit chatting and enjoy the bonding time. Therefore, Home karaoke system is a best tool to bring the youngster and elderly to sit together and enjoy every moments spent together. 

A professional Karaoke system can easily last you up to 10 to 20 years. KaraBest karaoke system worth every penny you spent, imagine you sing songs twice every week, saving the money that you spent in KTV rooms, sing new songs every month at your own comfort home for free. Singing can release stress, even if you do not love to sing, a professional karaoke system can play high quality music for you to relax and enjoy when you back from your hectic work.

So Who Are We?

ASEAN Outstanding Business Award 2016

We are KaraBest (by WNM ESHOP.COM SDN BHD), multiple award-winning brand for our home use Karaoke system. Our company has been established for more than 36 years! We believe, a brand without quality and good service will not survive this long!

KaraBest is a professional karaoke system brand owned by WNM ESHOP.COM SDN BHD, founded in 1982, located at Taman Maluri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. We supply our karaoke system to commercial business use, for home use to customers from all around Malaysia and Brunei. We have customers from Australia and China too!

We are Public Performance Malaysia music license holder and distributor. We are professional, most importantly, our professional karaoke system is so durable and high quality selling at reasonable price!

KaraBest have home use karaoke system package and professional commercial karaoke system package. We also have a wide selection of subsidiary products which are not bundle in package. Giving customer more freedom and options to purchase individually. Products we are selling includes professional karaoke amplifier, karaoke speakers, karaoke jukebox, professional karaoke microphone, stand mic, karaoke mic.


KaraBest Karaoke Jukebox / Karaoke Machine

Meaning that if you already own Karaoke Speakers, we have individual unit Karaoke Jukebox (or normally called karaoke machine) that can connects to your current karaoke speakers, you will not need to purchase whole system. Or replace your current amplifier, microphone with us. Our Jukebox comes with extra features, it is a pre-amp and also pre-mixer, meaning that if you go to your relative or friend house for party, you do not need to bring the whole system (the bulky karaoke speakers and karaoke amplifier) with you. Just bring along the jukebox, connect to TV, plug your mic into our jukebox, you are good to go! Our jukebox can be connected and select songs via our karaoke APP.

karaoke system update

Private Server Karaoke Songs Download System – KB CLOUD

Worry about songs update in future? No worries, we have karaoke KB Cloud for that. KB Cloud is a songs update software/system, and is a free of charge service to our customer to download and update new songs every month.

Professional Karaoke Speakers

Our professional speaker comes with at least 600W to 800W (depends on karaoke system package), KaraBest karaoke speakers is heavy duty and durable. Worth to mention, our speakers come with horn twitter which is professional high pitch producer, giving you ultimate quality of music from our karaoke speakers. This horn twitter will usually appear in high-end professional concert speaker and selling at high price. Whereas now, with our Karaoke speakers (color of kara package), you already can enjoy the quality music produce by horntwitter at affordable price